Mitchell County Pro Tennis Invitational 2016

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Tobias Svantesson
Tobias Svantesson Sweden

Career Highlights

Born in Malmo, Sweden and graduated from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Played on the World Tour from 1986 to 1993 and was ranked as high as 89th in Singles and 60th in Doubles. During the World Tour, he won the Doubles U.S Clay Court Championship. He also has many Doubles wins over players such as Jimmy Conners, Boris Becker, Matts Wilander, Ivan Lendel and Todd Martin. In 1999, he won both Sweden’s and The United States Clay Court Championships in Singles 35 and over. In “2000”, he won a Nuveen Senior Tour event in Doubles. He has also been ranked #1 in The United States in Singles 35s and over. Tobias is also a proud stockholder in the new Ethanol plant in Mitchell County as well as the Flint River National Bank in Camilla.

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Welcome to the 41st Annual Mitchell County Pro Tennis Invitational

Friday April 29th - Sunday May 1st, 2016